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Create Your Romantic Resumé: A 30-Day Program to Transform Your Romantic Destiny
Create Your Romantic Resumé: A 30-Day Program to Transform Your Romantic Destiny.
Are you seeking your Soul Mate? The Romantic Resumé email course by acclaimed author Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway can help you get clarity to draw in your beloved. Start this 30-day project this month.

More Power to You: Personal Power Through Self-Awareness
More Power to You: Personal Power Through Self-Awareness.
Be guided towards self-empowerment and living a purposeful life through this unique self-help email course by Self-Healing Expressions.

The Healing Power of Food: Conscious Eating
The Healing Power of Food: Conscious Eating.
Learn how food can heal your body by strengthen your immune system in this email course with advance nutrition information.

A Different Grief:  Coping with Pet Loss
Are You Facing The Loss Of A Beloved Pet?
Explore both the myths and the realities surrounding the experience of pet loss, including why it hurts so much and how it differs from other losses in this Self-Healing Expressions email course.

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June 2007, Issue 54 ~ Healing Symbols

I do not know whether I was a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man. ~ Chuang-tzu

Ken planted several butterfly bushes in our yard a couple years ago which have tripled in size to our delight. They now stand taller than us. As summer approaches (in our part of the world), we await the return of the butterflies and any transitions these wonderful creatures may symbolize for us. In Shamanism, the butterfly is a totem animal symbolizing change, joy and color. It is the symbol of the soul. What healing symbols are popping up in your life these days? Might it be time for those of you who have taken Reiki Level 1 to learn the three healing symbols taught in Reiki Level 2? Are there healing symbols appearing in your night-time dreams - beckoning to be unraveled? Is a totem animal appearing in your life, dreams, or meditations ready to assist you somehow? Are the angels leaving feathers in your path?

See if one of the articles or courses below might help you uncover the meaning of the healing symbols presenting themselves to you this month.



June Cook
Self-Healing Expressions (S-HE)


Reiki, Level 2: About the Three Reiki Symbols
Reiki, Level 2: About the Three Reiki Symbols
By Maggie Wahls, RMT

In Reiki Level 2, the student learns three Reiki symbols. These healing symbols take your Reiki practice to a new level. The first Reiki symbol will strengthen the effects of Reiki in your own self and bring protection to others. The second Reiki symbol will bring mental and emotional healing on a new and higher level. The Reiki third symbol will... Read on.

Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls is the creator and instructor of these courses:
Discovering the Shaman Healer Within
Reiki for Healing: Level I
Reiki for Healing: Level II

It is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top.
~ Virginia Woolf

Interpreting Your Personal Dream Symbols
Interpreting Your Personal Dream Symbols
By Laura Grace

Just like dream characters, every dream symbol represents a part of you. In fact, each symbol is you. Quite often, one dream symbol stands out in each dream. This symbol is a key factor and is worthy of your attention and understanding. Sometimes personal dream symbols set the tone or "theme" for the dream. For example, if you dreamt of making the bed with your partner, the dream symbol that stands out is "bed" and "partner" and may imply you need to work on some intimacy issues within your relationship. Read on.

Laura Grace is creator and instructor of Dreams for Healing: Using Dreams as a Pathway to the Soul.


Feng Shui Symbols for Your Health Center
Feng Shui Symbols for Your Health Center
By Deborah Redfern

There are enhancements you can make to your Center area of your home that can help you feel more grounded and balanced in all areas of your life. The Center of the Bagua Map is a neutral area which serves to connect all the other areas together. It is also related to your physical health and is connected with the element of earth - nurturing, stable, centering energy. Traditionally, the symbol used to represent the Center of the bagua is the T'ai Chi, which depicts male and female energy - the yang and the yin, day and night. It also represents the... Read on.


Things That Make You Go Ommm . . .  
Things That Make You Go Ommm. . .

stars   Terrific Manifestation Tool! A Message from June Cook...
I think a bunch of you are going to love this one! It's easy, affordable, and AMAZING. It's called the Dream Wizard. In about 3 minutes, I purchased, downloaded and typed in a goal, added a photo to represent that goal and recorded my own voice claiming my dream. Now it pops up on my computer screen every 2 hours to remind me of what I am manifesting. No kidding! It makes me so happy every time it pops up! Check it out here.

stars   Holistic Prayers: Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit Through Prayer
Subscribe to this (no fee) uplifting Self-Healing Expressions e-course and get a sense of how our self-paced delivery system works while being inspired by interfaith prayers. Learn more.

stars   A Message from our Friend Meg North Taylor, Founder of Lending Promise
At Lending Promise, we envision a world in which mothers in every village can adequately feed their children - both their mouths and minds - so young people can dream of possibility rather than limits, of beauty instead of squalor; of dignity and not shame. We give small loans known as microcredit to mothers in some of the world's poorest villages, in regions where human assistance has been insufficient for making a lasting impact. Could you help by making a small donation to help these women? Visit www.lendingpromise.org today and learn more.

Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Attn: Spiritual Singles! Beginning Your Journey towards Your Soul mate
Attn: Spiritual Singles! Beginning Your Journey towards Your Soul mate
by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway
Excerpt from her online course Finding Your Spiritual Soul Mate

As you embark on a journey towards your soul mate, it is important to get off to a good start by looking at ways to attain the greatest value and experience from this project, as well identifying the mindset and approach most likely to bring true love knocking at your door. 1) Make this "Project" a priority. Approach finding true love with the enthusiasm and dedication you would put into finding a terrific job... Read on.

A self-publisher is an author who pays for the cost of designing, printing, and distributing his or her book. Frequently, the author invents and registers a publishing 'imprint.' Self-published books are the property of the author and usually remain in the author's possession; all sales proceeds belong to the author. ~ Moira Allen, editor of Writing-World.com

Write A Way: Self Publishing? Start Here

Write A Way: Self Publishing? Start Here
  By Sandra Lee Schubert
The novel could sit in your desk drawer for many years or you could actually get it published. If the thought of approaching a publisher frightens you why not consider self-publishing? There are several options open to you. The field is wide open with the advent the Internet and resources are amazing... Read on.

Sandra Schubert is the instructor for the course Writing for Life: Creating a Story of Your Own.


Here's what you're saying about our courses.

Here's What You're Saying About Our Site and Courses...

"The course was very informative and gave me information I had not received from the previous course that I took [Reiki 1]." ~ Joni McFayden, Registered Nurse, North Carolina (Reiki, level 2)


"I enjoyed the variety of subjects and the feeling of community. I am at home all the time caring for my mother and needed to feel part of something. I also enjoyed the links to others sites, especially the one to all the prayers. I am going to take it again." ~ Caretaker for mom, Georgia (Holistic Prayers)

"Affirming. Course put words to many things I had been feeling but could not quite grasp. It also provided insight to my family's grief and why we each feel so different, but yet the same." ~ Janine, USA (Grief course)

Thanks for Writing! Find our full course catalog here.


Radio interview with Marty Tousley on Contact Talk Radio
Radio interview with Marty Tousley on Contact Talk Radio
"Nature's Translator" with TRACY ANN

Bereavement Counselor Marty Tousley, CNS-BC, FT and animal communicator Tracy Ann discuss why Pet Loss. is considered a different grief; the difficult decision of pet euthanasia, and how our animal friends communicate with us. Listen here (length: @ 4 minutes)

Marty Tousley, CNS-BC, FT, is the instructor of The First Year of Grief: Help for the Journey and A Different Grief: Coping with Pet Loss.


Meta-Physician On Call: The Healing Power of Sadness
Meta-Physician On Call
The Healing Power of Sadness
By Steven E. Hodes, M.D.

Sadness is a universal human emotion, a part of every day living. Although many of us view it as a dark cloud that should be avoided and denied, I believe sadness brings a gift of healing. Acknowledging our own sadness can be a crucial step in the healing process itself... Read on.

Steven E. Hodes, M.D. is a board certified gastroenterologist with over 25 years private practice based in Edison and Old Bridge New Jersey. In addition to his medical practice, he has devoted himself to speaking and writing about metaphysics and healing. His book, Meta-Physician On Call, is due out in 2007. Visit him at www.meta-md.com.


Coping with Illness: A Coping Blurb

Coping with Illness: A Coping Blurb
By Arthur Soissons-Segal, Ph.D. ~ Therapist and brain tumor survivor

Serious illness or disability is a family affair. It reaches out and like a powerful magnet it pulls the emotional strings of all who live within its reach. My disabilities affect my wife's daily life as it does mine. We no longer are able to take long walks due to my poor balance, a symptom of neuropathy and of spinal stinosis. I fatigue easily and may show exhaustion by 10 p.m. This limits our participation in... Read on.

Arthur Soissons-Segal is the instructor of the course The Joy Of Coping: Overcoming The Stress of Dis-ease. by Arthur Soissons-Segal.



Do you suffer from IBS, Migraines, Diarrhea, Heartburn, Fibromyalgia, Fatigue, Joint Pain, or Obesity?
If one or any of these symptoms are too familiar to you, a new program can finally give you the answers and solution. Let my expertise and skills make life better for you. Contact Julianne Koritz, MS RD LDN at or 561-289-7215 today and visit www.leapdiet.com.

stars   Angel Bulletin Board
Share your Angel Stories! You are invited to share your real life angel stories with us and each other on Linda Pendleton's welcoming Bulletin Board.


Closing Thoughts

This Month's Holistic Prayer  

This Month's Holistic Prayer

Some believe if you whisper a wish upon a butterfly's wings, that wish will be carried to the heavens to be granted.

~*~ The Butterfly ~*~
Transmutation, Dance of Joy
The butterfly is the symbol of change, joy and color.
It is the symbol of the soul.
They remind us that life is a dance,
not to take things quite so seriously.
They also remind us to get up and move.
Dance brings the sweetness of life.
Butterflies bring color and joy to your life.
Look at them and remember what joy is in your life,
if its a lot or a little, it is still joy.
They teach us that growth and transformation does not have to traumatic;
it can occur gently, sweetly, joyfully.
If a butterfly totem has shown up in your life,
make note of the most important issues in your life,
and see what needed to changed.
~ Lin Oberlin
(Used with gratitude and permission)

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Peace, Love and Light,

Your Friends at Self-Healing Expressions


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